Fat Joe

One-of-one wheels for a one-of-one guy. These 24" Asanti forged wheels feature a paint match to perfectly complement Fat Joe's custom Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Nate Burleson

We had a blast chilling with Nate Burleson at Never Ride Stock. He trusted us with his Cadillac Lyriq, outfitting this classy SUV with some Back to the Future vibes. A full satin charcoal vinyl wrap compliments the bright orange details effortlessly, and makes the lime green calipers pop that much more.
In partnership with Wheel Pros, Nate's Lyriq also received Asanti Black Label wheels in gloss black.

Tracy Morgan

We were thrilled to have Tracy Morgan at Never Ride Stock this week. Aside from the countless laughs we shared in the shop, Tracy dropped off his Escalade V for the works– 24" DUB wheels, XPEL paint protection film and a custom-painted pair of kicks to match the ride.

DJ Skee

We couldn't be more honored to announce our friend DJ Skee as the first recipient of the Cars, Kicks & Culture restyling package. We outfitted his XPEL Stealth'd out Land Rover with 24" Asanti Aristocrat wheels, and crafted some speciality Vikings-inspired kicks for the multi-disciplinary legend DJ Skee.